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Case Study – Kerrie

Acupuncture Treatment

Case Study! 👣 – Tommy Galeah – Our podiatrist has been treating Kerrie for the past few months in relation to pain on the dorsal and plantar aspect of her L foot. In basic terms, Assessment revealed restricted ROM in her ankle joints (overly tight calf muscles)⚠️ which cause her to over pronate (or roll in) through the … Read more

Let’s Talk Lats

Anatomy Spine

A muscle that has a long to do list and required to multitask, especially under load. The Lats are responsible for control and movement of: +Shoulder +Thoracic Spine Lumbar Spine Pelvis SI Joint Hip How many things can you do at once and for how long? Latissimus Dorsi is frequently released due to tightness, causing … Read more



Here is an issue we see daily with many of our athletes. UNDER RECOVERY. A term that is usually mistaken for overtraining. Many athletes no matter what the sport or activity, can easily fall into the trap of increasing there training sessions/loads/intensity in order to improve, which is great and encouraged, however injury may occur … Read more

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung at GWH! Come see us here at Hawkesbury Podiatry and Physiotherapy and we will help put the spring back in your step!