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Case Study – Kerrie

Case Study! 👣 – Tommy Galeah – Our podiatrist has been treating Kerrie for the past few months in relation to pain on the dorsal and plantar aspect of her L foot.

In basic terms, Assessment revealed restricted ROM in her ankle joints (overly tight calf muscles)⚠️ which cause her to over pronate (or roll in) through the gait cycle in order to compensate ⚠️, and thus causes extra force going through the plantarfascia muscle beneath the foot. Her Extensor muscles are also over firing/straining⚠️ in order to get ground clearance, causing these muscles/tendons to be painful and irritated.

So we issued Kerrie with dual density orthosis to correct her foot position, prescribed her with isometric strengthening and some ankle stretches as well as worked on her calf musles with some dry needling!.. oh and we also addressed some footwear issues females commonly struggle with 😉👠

Today she reported minimal pain, noted has been able to train regularly at the gym and feeling more capable in keeping up to day to day activities