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Case Study – Kerrie

Acupuncture Treatment

Case Study! 👣 – Tommy Galeah – Our podiatrist has been treating Kerrie for the past few months in relation to pain on the dorsal and plantar aspect of her L foot. In basic terms, Assessment revealed restricted ROM in her ankle joints (overly tight calf muscles)⚠️ which cause her to over pronate (or roll in) through the … Read more

Let’s Talk Lats

Anatomy Spine

A muscle that has a long to do list and required to multitask, especially under load. The Lats are responsible for control and movement of: +Shoulder +Thoracic Spine Lumbar Spine Pelvis SI Joint Hip How many things can you do at once and for how long? Latissimus Dorsi is frequently released due to tightness, causing … Read more



Here is an issue we see daily with many of our athletes. UNDER RECOVERY. A term that is usually mistaken for overtraining. Many athletes no matter what the sport or activity, can easily fall into the trap of increasing there training sessions/loads/intensity in order to improve, which is great and encouraged, however injury may occur … Read more